New Brunswick, New Jersey is where we have started a new chapter in the Krispy Pizza Saga and we are still here continuing on the tradition of excellence!

Pizza dough

Carrying On Tradition

Not surprisingly, the owners still hear Brooklynites sing the praises of the pizza they remember as a kids. Topping the list of 15 varieties of pizza is their specialty pie, Grandma’s Pizza, a thin crust Sicilian with fresh mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil and just the right touch of basil. There’s also, to name but three, a fabulous fresh mozzarella pie, scrumptious bruschetta squares and a mean chicken parmesan pie. Diners can also satisfy their palates with a wide variety of Italian favorites including mouth watering hot heroes, awesome rice balls, and so much more!

From Our Family, To Yours

Krispy Pizza is a great family restaurant. Our goal is to ensure that each guest receives prompt, professional and friendly service and have exceptional dining experience. Whatever your craving is when you come in we look to make your experience a truly memorable one!

None of our locations near you? The great news is that there are more Krispy Pizza opening up all the time. New Brunswick at Rutgers is our latest expansion that opened in 2016, and more are in the pipeline! Whether you live here, going to school, or a family member coming to visit your child, Krispy Pizza will make sure you’re fed with great food, and left with new memories.

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Appetizer (R)
Salads (R)
Pizza (R)
Calzones & Rolls (R)
Wraps (R)
Heros (R)
Dinners (R)
Pasta (R)
Vegetarian (R)