Tradition & Passion

Serving Customers For 50 Years!

The Best Pizza in NYC Has Opened In “The Yard” At Rutgers University!

New Yorkers are tough critics especially when it comes to their pizza. So when Krispy Pizza won the “Battle of the Borough” (featuring pizza from all 5 boroughs and Long island) at the New York Pizza Expo 2005, a clear message was sent, Krispy Pizza is the best. Brothers Vinny, Tony, Freddy and Al grew up in this family run business started by their dad 50 years ago in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn where the Krispy Pizzeria is legendary. Freddy still runs the Brooklyn pizzeria and the Staten Island store. Vinny, Tony, and Freddy all manage the New Jersey locations. Within New Jersey we have a store in Old Bridge, Freehold, Jersey City, and New Brunswick at Rutgers University.

Pizza dough

Carrying On Tradition

Topping the list of over 15 varieties of pizza is their specialty pie, Grandma’s Pizza, a thin crust Sicilian with fresh mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil and just the right touch of basil. There’s also, to name but three, a fabulous Fresh Mozzarella pie, scrumptious Vodka Sauce pizza, and a mean Chicken Parmesan pie. Diners can also satisfy your palates with a wide variety of Italian favorites including mouth watering hot heroes, awesome rice balls, and so much more!

From Our Family, To Yours

Krispy Pizza is a great family restaurant. Our goal is to ensure that each guest receives prompt, professional and friendly service and have exceptional dining experience. Whatever your craving is when you come in we look to make your experience a truly memorable one!

None of our locations near you? The great news is that there are more Krispy Pizza opening up all the time and more are in the pipeline with New Brunswick at Rutgers being our newest adventure and is being highly praised! Whether you live there, going to school at Rutgers, or a family member coming to visit your child, Krispy Pizza will make sure you’re fed with great food and left with new memories.

Vincent P.

The Brothers

Truly A Family Business


Krispy started as a family business 50 years ago and the children have carried on the torch their parents started all those years ago. They take pride in the food and it’s a pride that you can taste in each meal! Freddy, the older brother, can be found working the original store in Brooklyn and is gearing up for the 50th anniversary in 2017. Vincent is floating around to all the new locations helping to get them established but Freehold is his main base of operations. Tony, the youngest, is in Old Bridge. He will be moving his store just down the street to a nice new location (more to come later).

All 3 brothers are very approachable and understand what it takes to make customers happy. Great Food & Great Customer Service Is What You Can Expect!


Thank You To Our Loyal Customers

We wouldn’t be here without all of your support.